Interview with Acid Deathtrip “I think the Doom scene as a whole is full of hipsters and posers that come out looking for the flavor of the month.”

April 2014 Interviewer : Trip Thru Records

int 010 b 001 - Interview with Acid Deathtrip "I think the Doom scene as a whole is full of hipsters and posers that come out looking for the flavor of the month."Q1. Thank you for taking your time. Firstly, Could you tell us about the history and current lineup of Acid Deathtrip?

Rob Nabbe
Sure thing, Acid Deathtrip has only been around for a few years, but is a band full of “veterans” of the extreme HC/Grind/Metal Underground scene. Our line-up has never changed and our members have been active in bands since the early ‘90s. To namedrop a few of our old and current bands : Insult, Bile, Mangled, Collision, HSML, The Bastards, Suppository, Blind to Faith, Skullhog, Starve and Left For Dead (Can.). One of these bands called HSML, was a Sludge ‘n’ Roll band we used to do in the early 2000’s.
We released 1 LP/CD in 2003 and split up around 2005. Fast forward to a few years ago and Acid Deathtrip was born, since the HSML line-up started jamming again, but now with a new vocalist, giving the band an entirely different vibe of our own.
The line-up is :
Bobby – Vocals
Boris – Bass
Grizzly Rob – Guitars
Willem-Jan – Guitars
Rob Nabbe – Drums

To this day we have released a self-titled debut LP/CD and cassette E.P.(※1)
through Reflections records in the Netherlands, who will release our split LP with Hangman’s Chair somewhere within the next two months.

int 010 m 002 - Interview with Acid Deathtrip "I think the Doom scene as a whole is full of hipsters and posers that come out looking for the flavor of the month."
(※1) Acid deathtrip 2013

Q2. Could you describe Acid Deathtrip’s sound to our readers who haven’t heard yet?

Rob Nabbe
Our sound is often described as Stonerrock, Death ‘n’ Roll, Doomrock or Sludge ‘n’ Roll, although we call our sound ‘Blasphemous Boogie’ to stay away from the pointless pigeonholing and categorizing going on everywhere. If you ask me how to describe ‘Blasphemous Boogie’ than I would say a mixture of heavy Rock and Roll and Doom, although our personal influences range from Death metal to Sludge. It’s mostly Bob’s vocals that give an entirely different twist to the music. I’d like to let people make up their own mind.

Q3. What does the name Acid Deathtrip mean or refer to?

Rob Nabbe
The name literally stands for a drug-induced suicide.
The lyrics to the song on your compilation explains our name.

Q4. Which bands and artists influenced you as musicians?

Rob Nabbe
The list of influences is absolutely endless, but if I had to name two albums that have been influential, I would have to go with ‘Wolverine Blues’ and ‘Our Problem’.

Q5. What is the lyrical influence for Acid Deathtrip?

Rob Nabbe

Bob and myself handle the lyrics and it all just boils down to pretty bleak, weird and mostly negative lyrics with a humorous twist here and there. The lyrics are not influenced by any band or person and mostly just come out a certain way, due to the vibe that is created by the music.

Q6. Where are you originally from? And where is Acid Deathtrip located at these days?

Rob Nabbe
We are a band from a place called Horst in the Netherlands.

Q7. You’re also known as member of Skullhog and Blind to Faith. Which one is your main band?

Rob Nabbe
I suppose they are all my main bands. I don’t consider any of the bands as projects, although Blind to Faith could be seen as such since we only play a handful of shows a year and only come together to rehearse if we wanna play a show or record a new album. So BTF doesn’t interfere with Acid’s or Skullhog’s schedule (most of the time).
Acid Deathtrip is the most active band when it comes to playing shows and rehearsing on a regular basis. It can be a pain in the ass to be involved in multiple bands, but each is an outlet for me and this way I can play different styles of music I enjoy. So yeah, it’s all good.

Q8. What are your thoughts on the music scene of Netherlands and current doom scene?

Rob Nabbe
There’s a lot of bands popping up from everywhere. Although Acid Deathtrip is not only focused to play gigs within the “Doom scene” and wanna play as much and diverse shows as we can, we see there’s a lot of cool bands coming out that “worship the riff” (fucking cheesy bullshit phrase). Throw Me In The Crater is kicking out the jams if you’re into ‘90s style ugly-ass Sludge. Total Pessimiser/Bovine records style. They have their demo pressed onto the proper LP format (where it belongs) and will be taking a short Euro-trip around Roadburn fest with Noothgrush, so that surely fits.
No Gods No Masters are also a new Sludge band that kinda goes for the smoked out riffs and combine that with some more Metalcore type chugging. I’ve heard descriptions namedropping Iron Monkey and Cro-Mags, but when I first saw them and crank their excellent demo, Bongzilla and Iron Monkey come to mind. For the rest, Swamp Machine are making a name for themselves alongside heavy weights Toner Low, Herder…etc…

Basically there’s enough to do if you like downtuned and mostly slow music. Fast music is doing good as well. As far as Metal goes, Villainy and Entrapment are my current favorites. No doubt.
Having that said, I think the Doom scene as a whole is full of hipsters and posers that come out looking for the flavor of the month. In my opinion Sludge belongs in the Punk scene and is not suitable for glossy magazines, iTunes and trendy festivals. Doom metal is just a part of the overall Metal scene, being a watered down scene that is weakening. Too many bands. Too little excitement and a complete overload and excess of everything, resulting in poorly attended shows, record-sales, disinterest and whatever. Good to see the underground is still slowly gaining new and exciting bands. Especially in Death Metal these days.

Q9. Thank you for participate to the compilation. Would you give us the comment for the song?

Rob Nabbe
Hey, thanks for the invite. People should just check out our song and if they like what they hear, they can always get in contact through email of Whorebook, I mean Facebook.

Q10.Do you know any band in this compilation?

Rob Nabbe
Yes, I know Starve of course. I know Guevnna through Ryo and I’ve heard some stuff by Conan. I’m gonna let the rest of the bands surprise me I guess.

Q11. What are the next plans for Acid Deathtrip?

Rob Nabbe
Reflections records will be releasing our split LP with Hangman’s Chair from Paris somewhere within the upcoming two months. We’re gonna be writing and recording our next full-length as well as a split release with Serpents of Dawn from Oakland.
For the rest we’re just gonna continue to play shows and hopefully do some actual touring with this band.

Q12. Finally, would you like to send a message to Japanese fans?

Rob Nabbe
I’d like to give a shout out to my Nippon peeps Ryo, Tak, Uchino and Satoshi! UGH!!


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