Interview with Fister “Slow and heavy wins the race.”

February 2014 Interviewer : Bonten Records

FIST1186778 10151514618761065 1935400887 n 700x394 - Interview with Fister "Slow and heavy wins the race."――Firstly, Thank you for taking your time and welcome to Peckinpah mag!
Is this first interview for Japan?

Kenny SnarzykKS
Yeah man. It actually is.

――How did Fister become a band?

Marcus Newstead and myself were roommates at the time. We were both in different bands, but had a lot of musical equipment at our apartment. (3424 Hartford Ave)
We mostly started the band as a recording project out of boredom. It was more tongue in cheek humor mixed with a lot of the doom and black metal worship. We really didn’t take it very seriously at first.

――What is Fister’s current lineup?

Kirk Gatterer: Drums,
Marcus Newstead: Guitars and vocals,
Kenny Snarzyk: Bass and vocals.

――Are any of you in any other bands?

Marcus plays guitar in Daybringer and he also has a solo project called Stomachacher. He really digs the “ER” suffix I guess. Both of his other bands are killer. Kill-ER.
I have a couple other projects Ssothm, Black Dwarf, Seahorse. I’d have to say Fister is my main band though. Kirk doesn’t have any other bands going at the moment.

――What does the name Fister mean or refer to?

It’s exactly what it sounds like. We were originally going to call the band Fisted Sister, but thought that was a bit too ridiculous. We ended up using that as the title to our first demo.

――Can you describe Fister’s sound to our readers who haven’t heard you yet?

Doom. There are definitely other metal genres that creep in to our sound. Namely black and death metal, but I’d have to say that doom metal is the primary sound. Slow and heavy wins the race.

――Which bands and artists influenced you as musicians?

That’s a tough question. We all really dig a lot of stuff.
We listen to a lot of different things in the van, from Alannah Myles to Warren Zevon. We listen to a lot of Ozzy, Judas Priest, and Def Leppard in the van too. Fun stuff to keep the drives less boring, you know? But as far as the modern contemporaries go, I’d have to say that Yob, Craft, Deathspell Omega, Corrupted, Warning, Asunder (RIP) have all been huge influences on what we do now.


――Congrats on your album. Are you satisfied with the responses so far?

Thanks a lot. I think I can safely say that we are all very pleased with how it turned out.
We spent a lot of time on Geminiand it couldn’t have turned out better. I don’t think we’ll ever be able to make another record like it. I had a lot of negative stuff going on in my life when we were writing and recording that record, and it came out in a big way.


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――If you had to pick one track from the album that people should definitely listen to, which would it be and why?

I’d hope that they would listen to the whole thing! Gemini was written as an album. Every song on the record has a different thing that I like about it, and it’s all heavy.

――Fister’s sound is not only heavy. Also there is calm, peace and beauty. What do you think about that?

It is intentional. You can’t just plod through the whole time. That’s boring. We want to write good songs.
Not just punish the listener. I think that’s a big part of doom. Minimalism helps create atmosphere, and it makes the heavy parts sound apocalyptic.

――I love the artworks of “Gemini”. It’s taken from David Cronenberg’s “Dead Ringers”. And it’s linked with the title. Do you like this film? It is one of my all time favorite!

Dead Ringers is absolutely my favorite film. I worship David Cronenberg and will follow anything that he does. This movie had a big impact on me personally. The concept is there. We wanted to make an album that leaves the listener with the same sense of unease that I get when I watch the movie. It’s dark, sad, and just absolutely perfect.


――What is your favorite film? Have you influenced by particular films or TV shows?

I think I just answered that question, but I must say that Brain Candy (Kids In The Hall) is my favorite comedy of all time!


――Could you tell us about the song called “Bronsonic”? What a great title!

heh… when we started out, we were doing a lot of weird stuff. We came up with this story that Charles Bronson became the devil when he died. The song/album “Bronsonic” was kind of a play on that, and our love for the band Bathory. That was still when we weren’t 100% sure on what we wanted Fister to be as a band. A couple years later we named a song “Deaf Wish” solely because we couldn’t believe that we didn’t come up with the title sooner.

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――Which bands and musicians albums are you currently enjoying?
Any recommendations you can give to our readers for band to check it out.

As far as heavy stuff goes, lately I’ve been really digging Primitive Man, Pallbearer, Ulcerate, Skelptarsis, Indian, Conan, Rwake, Seahag, Failed, In The Company Of Serpents, and The Lion’s Daughter is still one of my all time favorite bands around. They are some of our best friends and I would like to tour with them once a year for the rest of our lives.

――How would you describe the local music scene there?

In St. Louis? It’s pretty great.
The bands are killer. The metal scene is still kind of budding but people are starting to take it seriously.

――In your dreams. Who are you on tour with?

I’d love to tour with Yob. We had the pleasure of playing with them and Norska about a year and a half ago. And I’ll have fond memories of that show for the rest of my life. We made new friends that day, and we are actually doing a split 7” with Norska now because of it.

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(※10) Equinoctial

――In 5 words or less, Could you describe the motivation for keep making music?

Life without music is boring.

――Do you know any Japanese Doom/Stoner/Sludge band? If so what do you feel about them?

Dude. Yes.
Corrupted, Gallhammer, Boris, Church Of Misery, Coffins, Eternal Elisium, Dot. All great bands. I’m a huge fan.

――Where’s the best place for our readers to keep up with the latest news like upcoming shows and album releases at?

KS and probably our facebook page .

――Finally, Please send a message to Japanese doom-mongers!

My primary bass that I record and perform with is a Japanese made 1976 Greco SB-850.
I wish I could find another one. I love this thing. Also, when my son was born, I was wearing a Corrupted t shirt.
I think they should tour the US with Coffins. That would be the heaviest thing ever.

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