Interview with Salem’s Pot “Smoke it and watch Russ Meyer-movies before falling asleep again…”

Interview: Bonten Records

Q1. Thanks for doing this. Firstly could you tell us about the history of Salem’s Pot?

Salem’s Pot
It started out with two friends and hopelessness, in a town where no one wants to know you.
We decided to do something together and that was the birth of the concept.
The direction came pretty naturally with both of us being huge fans of sleazy old horror movies and Black Sabbath.
We asked a couple of friends to play bass and drums and recorded a demo called “Sweeden”.
We have been through different drummers since then and still haven’t found one.
The Eagle, who played drums on our album, is really a guitar player and has now switched to a second guitar.

Q2. “…Lurar ut dig pa prarien” was released in April. Was it a hard or easy album to record for?

Salem’s Pot
Both actually. We weren’t really that rehearsed and there was some tension in the air from time to time, but that’s only natural. All in all it went pretty well.

“Lurar ut dig pa prarien” (2014)

Q3. What gear did you use and where did you record it?

Salem’s Pot
We basically used what we had at the moment. Ribbon microphones for the drums and broken percussions. A girlfriend’s shruti-box and my grandmother’s old accordion.
It was recorded at the same place where we rehearse, an old asylum actually. Don’t think we are alone up there..

Q4. The artwork and music video has a lot of B-horror, grindhouse stuff.
Does literature or film influence your music? What is your favorite?
The promo pics which you wearing creepy mask were remind me “Last House on Dead End Street” by the way.

Salem’s Pot
Yes, a lot actually. When we started out only one of us did play an instrument (guitar) and the other took care of the visual parts,
so film is definitely half of the concept. There are too many to mention one, but a lot of giallo and spaghetti-western.
When it comes to literature we should mention Hunter S. Thompson and Bukowski.
“Last House on Dead End Street” is great, so is Alice sweet Alice.

“Alice, Sweet Alice” (1976)

Q5. The album was released via Riding Easy Records. How did that go?

Salem’s Pot
(WMKY) was released on cassette by Ljudkassett and Daniel Hall bought an ex.
He then e-mailed us and asked if we wanted to release it on vinyl, which we of course did.
So he went on to form Easy Rider Records and the rest is history!

Q6.Also “Ego Trip/Yer Doom” was released in September. That’s short period and both songs are different style from “…Lurar ut dig pa prarien”. Does this style reflect to the next album?

Salem’s Pot
Yes and no. We have never wanted to stick to a certain genre or style of music, we just wanted to release a 7″ and to do that we had to shorten the songs.
We’re also getting to know eachother better and can do more than just play the same riff for 20 minutes.
Also we have more riffs now and are trying to get better at putting them together.

“Ego Trip/Yer Doom” (2014)

Q7. Which bands and artists influenced you as musicians?

Salem’s Pot
Musically anything from Merle Haggard to Ngozi Family, Howlin’ Wolf to Dead Moon, Woody Guthrie to Hawkwind.
But also giallos, exploitation, spaghetti-westerns and weird horror movies or weird movies overall.
A lot of Goblin and Morricone of course.

Q8. I’d like to ask you about some your old stuff. I read that “Sweeden” was recorded at old mental hospital. Is that true? How did that go?

Salem’s Pot
Yes. The building where we rehearse used to be an asylum until 1969.

“Sweeden” (2012)

Q9. Wicked Lady cover ”Run the Night” was recorded to “Watch Me Kill You”. Do you digging obscure 70s music? If so what you find so special in the 70’s music?

Salem’s Pot
Very much so. There was so much frustration and honesty, both in the lyrics and the raw productions.
Like “Enough with the flowers, my friends are dying from overdoses and there’s a war going on.”

“Watch Me Kill You” (2013)

Q10. I’m sure about that you guys love to be stoned. What is your favorite bland and way to smoke?

Salem’s Pot
I love waking up in the middle of the night to find a half-finished joint in the ashtray, smoke it and watch Russ Meyer-movies before falling asleep again.

Q11. Do you know any Japanese band or film?

Salem’s Pot
Far Out, Blues Creation, Gedo and Flower Travellin’ Band of course.
Some of us grew up watching Ginga nagareboshi gin, Starzinger and Space Adventure Cobra as kids and are still watching it.
Shion Sono is an awesome director nowadays and some old movies we like are Tetsuo, The Man who stole the sun, Jigoku and Hausu just to name a handful.
We love japanese movies!

Q12. You are going to play on Roadburn 2015. How would you describe the live experience of Salem’s Pot?

Salem’s Pot
Probably like the old movies we love. Blurry, shaky, missing parts and with an ending that no one really get.

Q13. Finally, would you like to send a message to Japanese fans?

Salem’s Pot
We have fans now? In Japan? Domo arigato!! Hope to see you soon, just let us know when you want us in Japan and the circus might arrive. Thanks again!

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