Interview with Sigiriya “Somewhere in wales there’s a one-eyed buzzard that sits on a mountain top and shrieks at the skies…”

Interview:Bonten Records

Thank you for taking time. I’d like to ask you about Acrimony before Sigiriya.
Acrimony split up in 2001. What happened at that time?

Hey, thanks for showing some interest bro. Yeah as I’ve said many times I think the band had reached the end of the road for what we wanted to do at the time. We were young stubborn bastards as well to deal with, so this never helped with the music industry types. Plus I think some us just wanted to move on and experience other things in life.

Yeah, it was an entity that was destined to implode. It was born, lived and then died! We’re not really Career minded types. I can’t imagine anything worse than churning out album after album, with one original Member left.

“Tumuli Shroomaroom” and “Bong On – Live Long!” was released from Leaf Hound Records in 2007. How did that go?

Well as I can remember it was Torino at the time who got it touch with Dorian (vocals-Acrimony) about doing a vinyl release of “Tumuli”, which we were stoked about. It was something like ten years since we r


ecorded it, so it was a nice gesture from him. Naturally we accepted. It then went on that he wanted to do a cd re-press of the said album also, plus a rare odds’n sods cd that became “Bong On”, which was cool too.
All these re-releases, had reworked art, photos and lyrics etc. The packaging art was handled by the Legend that is now Jimbob Isaac ( Drunken Marksman illustration, Taint/Hark front man ).

Dor dealt a lot with him via email and he never mentioned much of what was going down. I know he was a real big fan, he sent like boxes of shit to Dorian also.
I met him once at Roadburn briefly and he seemed like a real nice guy. After this I dunno, Copies of the record went out to like Plastic Head uk distro and some to Church Within (Ger). Last I heard years back that he became real sick. Hope the dude pulled through.

it was cool to see tumuli on vinyl at last.


So Sigiriya formed in 2009. Almost 10years since Acrimony’s split up.
Did you keep in touch with each member?

I really didn’t see Dar or Mead for a few years after we broke. After doing a small stint in Iron Monkey, then on to doing the Dukes. My self, Dorian, Leeroy did Blackeyeriot for a few years with a coupla other mates.

I was off playing dub and psytrance, following a shamanic path. I saw blackeyeriot in a local shithole And was physically upside-down half way through the first track!


The first lineup of Sigiriya was 4/5 members of Acrimony.
Why did you start the new band not reunion?

Acrimony was a certain part and time of our lives, I wouldn’t change it for the world but at the same time I couldn’t reconstruct it either. It’s much more interesting to do something new.

What does the name Sigiriya mean or refer to?

Sigiriya roughly translates to the meaning ? “the throat of the lion”. I visited this monolithic rock whilst in Sri Lanka on my wedding and was well taken a back my it’s majesty and the stories that surrounded it.
On my return home, we still had not settled on a suitable name for the band? I mentioned it to the guys


and I just seemed like a decent a name as any, with a cool meaning behind it.

Dorian Walters left the band in last year. What happened?

Dor left in 2012, due to family stuff.

Would you introduce us brilliant new singer?

Yeah, man. Matt is the new singer, a true gentleman, shaman and lunatic. He fits like a glove musically and on a personal level. He definitely made us up our game!

The legend that is Matt “PIPES” Williams, yep I thank that is fitting..




Congrats on your album, Are you satisfied with the responses so far?

Why thank you sir. I think it’ll be more of a grower personally. It’s more of a good Heavy rock record, rather than a Stoner, Doom or whatever thing..

Darkness Died Today(2014)

When I heard “Return to Earth” , I felt like that this is Acrimony’s sequel.
But “Darkness Died Today” is different, more heavy and metallic … what are your thoughts?

It’s definitely a more Heavy bird and a more coherent effort.

it’s more grounded than psychedelic. The influences are still there but interpreted differently.

Return to Earth(2011)

Which bands and artists influenced you as musicians?

It’s all the old staples of like Sabbath, Purple, ZZ top, Hawkwind, Quo and so on, mashed up with some totally off the cuff stuff like Entombed, Tragedy, Agolloch, Early Metallica, Discharge, Cro-mags. The Obsessed, Victor Griffin.

I suppose dub influences what I play and I listen to a lot of pagan BM stuff – wolves in the throne room, Dordeduh, negura bunget etc.

What are your thoughts on the current doom/stoner scene?

It’s now a monster compared to like back in say the 90’s, There’s just a fuck load of bands out there doing their thing, which is all good. I don’t know who half of them are mind you, but least a lot of people seem chuffed with it.

there’s god and bad, true and false as with every other scene I suppose. Stoner rock isn’t really my thing, though, give me Goatess above every other band in that scene.

Yeah Goatess fuckin rule.

What are the next plans for Sigiriya?

writing the new album and playing some shows.

Finally, Would you like to send a message to Japanese fans?

Somewhere in wales there’s a one-eyed buzzard that sits on a mountain top and shrieks at the skies, those shrieks are the sounds sigiriya makes and sigiriya loves you!!!

I couldn’t have put that better myself Mead man. We’d love the chance to get out there someday and play some club dates for you all. If your keen get in touch. Cheers Trip Thru records again dude and thanks to all of you who dig the band and spread the word, it means the world to us

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